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In Stoney Creek, Ontario Dr. Ouellette practices out of his office at the corner of Centennial Parkway and the QEW. Dr. Ouellette provides several additional services in addition to chiropractic care, that all tie into fast pain relief and optimal health secrets.

Dr. Ouellette is the author of the Canadian Pain Relief Diet and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.



If you are from Stoney Creek, Ontario and are looking for pain relief, then give us a call at Dr. Ouellette's direct cell phone line,


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Emergency pain relief?

Need some help fast? Are you getting ready for a holiday and your back has 'GONE-OUT-OF-PLACE'?

Call us at Dr. Ouellette's direct cell phone line 905-546-6310 and he will see you as soon as possible, usually on the same day.


A Note About Dr. Ouellette

When it comes to health care people are generally looking for two things. They look for pain relief and they look for optimal health. Pain relief comes as either medically oriented drug/surgery care or natural pain relief from various specialties, chiropractic being one of the most popular and more successful.

Natural pain relief comes in three ways, nutrition for pain relief, (the Pain Relief Diet), exercise for pain relief targeting both muscle strength and vascular health, and manual therapies using manipulation, mobilizations, deep fibre therapies, light therapies, electricity and solid needles.

At one point in time or another, people are looking for either pain relief or optimal health secrets. Usually one takes precedence over the other at different times in a person's life. Optimal health comes from learning various secrets, some of which have been clarified with science, and some that come from the best professional judgement of specialists in that field, many of whom are not medical doctors.

If you would like someone to help you with natural pain relief and optimal health secrets then Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette is happy to help you achieve the best you can be. Dr. Ouellette, a chiropractor in the Hamilton, Burlington region of Southern Ontario, has developed an online consultation process for people who don't live within driving distance. The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation will give you much feedback about yourself, and it will help various types of doctors treat you more effectively as well. Just send an email for more information. A monthly checkup with Dr. Ouellette is a good way to stay on the roadway to optimal health and wellness. Call today or send an email.