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Physical presence in our office is not necessary for wellness care unless physical medicine procedures are desired. Wellness can be started anytime anywhere. The sooner the better. If you wish to see us in person for a personal assessment, which is often a good idea in difficult cases, then we would like to have you complete all seven steps in our Electronic Booking procedure first, before you arrive. We are science based and evidence based so we start by collecting the evidence. You will find that we are thorough, comprehensive, and welcoming.

People can make contact with Dr. Ouellette for an in office visit, a house call, a second opinion, or a wellness workshop. Our process is to collect important data from people in a step by step format so as not to overwhelm them at the start.

The start requires an email to be sent to us with Full Name and Initial, Email Address, Phone Number and Text Number. Indicate what it is you would like us to do please. That's all you need to do to get started. Our initial workup process is relatively inexpensive with most documentation free.

Send to info@achiropracticplusclinic.com

The full seven step process is located in this following PDF document. Please make note of all the free documentation you will be receiving.