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Please Note: On the issue of spinal decompression!

There have been some unscrupulous facilities offering computerized spinal decompression and they have given chiropractors a bad name. Dr. Ouellette has not been affiliated with those types of facilities in the past. It behoves people to get advice from trusted professionals with a track record for quality practice procedures.

Dr. Ouellette does not provide Computerized Spinal Decompression in his clinic, but offers information on this modality for education purposes. Viewers considering computerized spinal decompression can discuss their case with Dr. Ouellette, or ask for a second opinion from Dr. Ouellette.

Dr. Ouellette does provide spinal FLEXION decompression using a specialized, motorized treatment table that achieves a decompression of the spine, discs, facet joints and other tissues of the low back. Dr. Ouellette combines this treatment with photo therapy, electrical therapy, manipulation therapy, nutrition therapy for pain relief and others, on an as needed basis for one low pay as you go fee and is always in the clinic for the treatments.


Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette - 8748_1

Dr. Ouellette's New Decompression Low Back Pain Protocol - 6556_1

Dr. Ouellette's Decompression Program - 6531_1

WellnessWithPain Program - 6400_1

The Immortality Date - 6103_1

Introducing Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette - 6068_1

Dr. Ouellette's Optimal Health Wellness Web Assessment - 5952_1


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