Wellness Calculator

What does Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Calculator measure?

- The Five Pillars
- Nutrition
- Exercise
- Spinal Health
- Rest & Relaxation
- Attitude & Perspective

- The Anti -Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet
- Red Flags
- Yellow Flags
- Antioxidant Needs
- Anger Assessment
- Healthy Relationship Assessment
- Abuse/Control Assessment
- Depression Assessment
- Nutrition assessment
- Multiple Nutrition Parameters
- Osteoporosis Assessment
- Pain Assessment

All in one online web form.

Your Wellness Workshop Report of Findings includes your Wellness Action Plan.

Health care professionals can order the Health Professional’s Notes document to learn how to read a Wellness Progress Chart.

And, the Wellness Health Agent Program shows people how to earn commission money by spreading the word about the wellness calculator and by selling Wellness Web Workshops.
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