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Dr. Ouellette has been practising in the Hamilton / Stoney Creek areasince 1973. His former practice, for 25 years, was on Millen Road in Stoney Creek. Dr. Ouellette graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1973.

Dr. Ouellette also practices as a doctor of natural medicine using the food pain connection through the Pain Relief Diet and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation using these tools to help people manage pain, and move along the roadway to optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Ouellette is the author of the book, Dr. Ouellette's Pain Relief Diet Manual, the book Cheating on the Pain Relief Diet, and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

Dr. Ouellette has built a series of web sites and the Canadian Lifestyle Health Care network to help people manage pain and obtain optimal health and wellness. People who may live too far away to make a personal trip into his office can have consultations over the internet and the telephone.


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