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Ah, now this is an entertainment site below. We desperately hope that this web site at ImmortalityDate.com is not PRESCIENT. However, it certainly seems a distinct possibility now with this COVID-19 global pandemic. It is about what we do not know and are not being told. We need clear scientific evidence, of course. This site below is not about clear scientific evidence. Do we all get that please?

This following site is a FUN site. It is for entertainment purposes.




The issue of AI was talked about by Dr. Ouellette some 10 years ago on ImmortalityDate.com on December 6, 2014. See what Dr. Ouellette had to say about this back then. Today, 2024, the experts are weighing in.

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Chiropractic care removes functional abnormalities from your spine and other joints. You function better with less pain and more movement. Nerve irritation begins to heal. You feel better.


The type of low back pain you see depicted in the page margin images of this we site often comes with a marked nutritional overlay.