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Exercising While Sick

Should I exercise while I'm sick?

As a lot of people already know, exercise gives a very good boost to the immune system, particularly the type of exercise that revs up the heart beat and pushes blood to parts of the body which may not be getting much flow. Think of the upper parts of the lungs which are collapsed at rest.

There are other capillary structures that have little blood flow at rest as well. Exercise flushes them all with fresh blood carrying various immune structures (white blood cells, globulins etc.) and that is what we want to see right?

Exercise for weight loss, strength, endurance, is a different ball game.

While Sick

Strenuous exercise is NOT advised while sick. Low level exercise to tolerance without straining the heart or lungs is ok. Each person needs to monitor their own level of physical distress based on their physical condition. If completely exhausted then don't exercise at all. But, getting out of bed on a regular basis and walking around the house is a good idea.

By far, the most important effects on the immune system come from food (not supplements), and come from exercise. Think fruits and vegetables. Keep fluids up and fibre up. Get some extra sleep because rest & relaxation help the body heal. Lastly keep a low stress attitude & perspective in life.

Here is a good link below to some data in a two page pdf on exercise from the American College of Sports Medicine.


With the extra time now available have a look at some of the articles on the Library page at OptimalHealthSecrets.com/library.html and see if you can learn some tips to help yourself. There is lots of reading there.



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Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette

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Our particular Wellness skill set is in measuring and identifying Wellness needs, prioritizing those needs and then going the next step to provide Wellness aid to motivate for the completion of all Wellness Action Plan recommendations.

An important point to understand with regard to Wellness is that at Wellness RISK Management we do not make any medical diagnoses nor provide medical care. We provide Wellness Self-Help Strategies and recognise that most people need considerable help to deal adequately with Self-Help. Manual medicine, chiropractic services, follow standard chiropractic work-up procedures.


1. Industry Leading Wellness Educational Content

  • Carefully researched to deliver only the best and most valuable educational content in the Wellness industry today.
  • Learning points crafted from your input.
  • Medicine-Based-Evidence, Evidence-Based-Medicine, Best Professional Opinion, and your wishes.

2. Expert Advice Decades of experience helping people learn Wellness secrets and manage pain.

3. Expert Clinician Special low back technology, TENS Electro Therapy, Leading edge LASER Therapy, the FoodPainConnection with the Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet, WellnessWithPain exercise programs, Spinal Manipulation Therapy.

4. Unrivalled Opportunities Engage with the doctor. Talk to the doctor. Get in the self motivation mode, build opportunities, grow key relationships, make key Wellness contacts.

5. Get Started Today. Get Started Now. Discounts available to those who fill out our electronic forms. Select what services you would like. The secret key to Wellness is, “Find the little things wrong and fix them before they become big things”.


Both of Dr. Ouellette's books on the Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet are available by contacting Dr. Ouellette.

Author of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator, Wellness Web Assessment (1 Minute video)
Author and creator of Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet.


Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Programs including Natural Pain Relief, Natural Weight Loss, and Optimal Health Wellness.

Featuring Dr. Ouellette’s Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet.

Easy going Wellness can be yours. First, where are you at?

Calculating wellness and putting numbers to it is a key point.

  • Chiropractic Services in Clinic
    Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Therapy (CSMT)
    (Wellness Strategies, CSMT, TENS Electro Therapy, LASER)
  • The FoodPainConnection
  • Spinal alignment, nerve irritation removal, functional improvement
  • Cox Type of Technic, Low Back Flexion Decompression

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)
Low Back Decompression/Distraction
With Doctor’s Hand Assist
and Photo Therapy Assist (LASER)

  • TENS Electro Therapy
  • Photo Therapy, LASER
  • Deep Fibre Therapy including Mechanical Massager Therapy
  • New Low Back Pain Flexion Decompression Protocol program
  • Emergency Chiropractic Care program (Based on a chiropractic work-up, consultation, history, exam, Etc.)
  • Second opinions on chiropractic care, and spinal decompression, Laser
  • Community talks, lectures, presentations on Wellness, chiropractic care, the FoodPainConnection


Wellness Advice Services

With this program we function much like a Wellness Aid Worker to guide people toward multidimensional positive health, a sense of well being and a more successful existence. This is achieved using evidence-based medicine(science), medicine-based evidence (observation), best professional opinion and the client's wishes.

We start with a thorough, anonymous Wellness Web Assessment. But first you must Enrol. Before you enrol, you must purchase the Measurement and Workshop program. at

We offer two workbooks called Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet, and Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet.

We provide a 38 score Wellness Progress Chart, a 35 page Workshop Report of Findings with an 8 item Action Plan, a two page Health Professional's Report and a 35 page Wellness Instructor's Report.

  • Workshops (Based on 38 score results of the wellness web assessment.)
  • Health Advice on a fee-for-service basis is also provided when requested.
  • Community talks, lectures, presentations on Health Advice and the Wellness web assessment
  • WellnessWithPain Program
  • WEIGHT LOSS program using Dr. Ouellette’s Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Protocols


Back Pain See through image. Get the help you need now. It doesn't really get better on its own.New Chiropractic Back Pain Protocol includes Dr. Ouellette’s decompression hand assist with low back flexion decompression for people with low back pain, and includes LASER, all for one low fee, providing a Cox Technic treatment plan PLUS Dr. Ouellette's unique blend of Wellness and pain relief strategies.

Dr. Ouellette’s Optimal Health Wellness Web Assessment is a thorough comprehensive wellness assessment over the internet that lets people get started on their own using 38 wellness scores. This is the starting point for Dr. Ouellette’s Optimal Health Wellness Plan that includes Health Advice Therapy.

Dr. Ouellette’s Get It Off, Keep It Off Weight Loss Program using the Pain Relief Diet and the Cheating on the Pain Relief Diet protocols; No potions or supplements, just yourself and us if you need extra help,

All developed by Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette.

Helping people manage pain and learn optimal health secrets since 1973.

There are secrets to faster recovery than normal. Contact us today.

For emergencies please send us an email and for same day service give us a call at the direct line to Dr. Ouellette’s cell phone.


Our two niches focus on natural pain relief and
optimal health.

(2 Minute video)


All therapies are negotiated and selected to suit the patient.

Practicing since 1973, ongoing continuing education training, fast pain relief, optimal health secrets, help moving into Wellness. No contracts and results oriented. Dr. Ouellette is available for telephone consultations anywhere in Canada. Initial orientation consultation to discuss your needs is free.

Just contact us by email. Leave your phone number and the best time for us to call.

You can now learn Optimal Health Secrets and the Pain Relief Lifestyle from a professionally trained, highly skilled Ontario licensed clinician.

Creator and owner of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Assessment

 Image Lady holding neck with neck pain. Neck pain saps energy and reduces enjoyment in life. Fins out if misaligned vertebrae in your neck are giving you problems.      Lady holding forehead with headache pain. Head pain can be debilitating. Chiropractic care offers some very good treatments that have well researched evidence for effectiveness. Sometimes the upper vertebrae in the neck have functional problems that lead to headaches. Sometimes poor digestions is part of the problem. If you want everything fixed then contact Dr. Ouellette today.




Image Man holding foot with foot pain. Foot pain is very common and often involves the knee and low back. Dr. Ouellette can help you figure out if your foot pain is a local foot problem or involves more structure higher up in your body.Image Lady holding low back with both hands. Low back pain can often be helped by spinal manipulations/adjustments/corrections. Other forms of treatment like spinal decompression, LASER, Light Emitting Diode Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, and nutritional modification are also helpful. See Dr. Ouellette today to find out what is right for you. 




 Image Lady rubbing upper back with upper back pain. Upper back pain often needs a spinal corrections to clear up quickly and effectively. Find out if your low back or mid back are predisposing you to upper back pain.   Image Lady holding back with back pain. Low back pain is a common affliction that causes great stress and great cost to our economy through loss of work time and loss of recreation enjoyment. It can be cause by many things including spinal problems and nutritional problems. Dr. Ouellette is well place to help people with low back pain.



Note on Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care offers natural pain relief and optimal health. The chiropractic story is about the function of your spine and the benefits you gain from chiropractic care.

More recent scientific research on chiropractic care. Seven studies worldwide.



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Chiropractic care removes functional abnormalities from your spine and other joints. You function better with less pain and more movement. Nerve irritation begins to heal. You feel better.


The type of low back pain you see depicted in the page margin images of this we site often comes with a marked nutritional overlay.